Carolina Bianchi

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Carolina Bianchi is a Brazilian theatre maker, writer and performer. She is currently based in Amsterdam and recently graduated from the DAS Theatre master programme. In her theatre work, theory and practice are inseparable. Her works depart from a perspective of crisis to launch deliberations about gender and sexual violence, historical pacts, whose practices intend an erotic approximation to history - sensorial and sacrificial, blurring the timeline. Her staging is a combination of different references from literature, cinema and visual art, filled with musical mashups, and a constant confrontation with everything that seems to be an absolute truth. She is the director of the collective Cara de Cavalo (which translates to “horse’s face”) from São Paulo, with whom she has been creating the Cadela Força trilogy (2022-2025), O Tremor Magnífico (The magnificent tremor) in 2020, LOBO (Wolf) in 2018, the outdoor performance Quiero hacer el amor (I wanna make love) in 2017, and the lecture performance Mata-me de Prazer (Kill me by pleasure). Carolina Bianchi’s works will now be shown in Vienna for the first time in 2024.

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