Questions and answers about buying tickets

Proclamation of the Free Republic of Vienna - Festival Opening Ceremony on Rathausplatz

  • Do I need any kind of ticket for the proclamation of the Free Republic of Vienna - festival opening ceremony on Rathausplatz?

    No, admission is free for all.

  • Is there a special area for wheelchairs at the proclamation of the Free Republic of Vienna - festival opening ceremony on Rathausplatz?

    A special section is reserved for wheelchairs and persons with walking impediments.

Ticket Sales

  • How can I buy tickets?

    Since 1 March, 10am, you have the possibility of buying your tickets for this year's programme in its entirety online and by phone and at our box office.

    In the webshop as well as by phone you have the option of choosing ticketdirect.

  • If tickets for a performance are no longer available online, does this mean the performace is sold out?

    ‘currently not available’ either means that there are no more tickets currently available for that performance or that tickets cannot be booked in the webshop anymore, as tickets for performances the same evening can be booked up until the evening box office opens (one hour before the performance starts).

  • What does the delivery method ticketdirect mean?

    It means you receive your ticket in an email as pdf to be printed out as a ticketdirect or presented to the admission ushers on your smartphone.

  • Which discounts are available in the webshop?

    In addition to the subscriptions, the webshop also offers the discount for senior citizens as well as the discount Vermehrt Schönes! tickets for all under-30s.

  • Do I have to pay extra charges when buying tickets by phone and paying with credit card?

    No, the price charged is only that of the ticket.

  • Is there a waiting list for sold out performances?

    For high-demand performances, you have the option of contacting the Festwochen Service on +43 1 589 22 22 with your ticket requests. If returns become available, you will be contacted ahead of time, based on our waiting list.

    The evening box office draws up a new waiting list (first come, first served; one ticket per person), when the evening box office opens at the venue in question.

Ticket Returns

  • Can I return tickets?

    Once purchased, tickets can only be exchanged for tickets to Wiener Festwochen performances (subject to availability), at the latest up to 4 days before the due performance date.
    In exceptional cases, tickets can be returned if a performance is sold out.
    No exchange or refund is possible with the subcriptions.

Evening box offices / Remaining tickets

  • When do the evening box offices open?

    The evening box offices open 1 hour before the start of the performance.

  • Do I have any chance of getting a ticket at the evening box office even if a performance is sold out?

    If a performance is sold out, the evening box office will draw up a waiting list when it opens. 15 minutes before the performance is due to begin, any remaining tickets will be sold according to the order on the list. Only one name can be added to the list per person, and only one ticket is issued per name; pre-booking is not possible.

    The evening box office does not have access to the Service waiting list.


  • What happens if I arrive late?

    Please note that, depending on the production, you may not be admitted to the auditorium if you arrive late.


  • Are dress and final rehearsals for performances accessible to the general public?

    Up-to-date information on rehearsals accessible to the general public is published on the Internet or may be obtained from the Festwochen Service +43 1 589 22 22.

  • Can I also buy tickets from the Wiener Festwochen | Free Republic of Vienna for other productions at theatres where Festwochen performances are being staged?

    No, we only sell tickets for events featured in our webshop.

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