Festwochen Clubticket

  • How do I redeem my Clubticket voucher?

    Please fill out and sign the privacy statement, then scan or photograph it, and send it to us along with the reverse and back side of the voucher (with the numbering), either:

    • by email to service@festwochen.at
    • or by post to Wiener Festwochen GesmbH, Kartenbüro, Lehárgasse 11/1/6, A-1060 Vienna.

    If you are unable to scan or photograph the signed privacy statement, simply send the following wording to us:

    ‘I agree to the General Data Protection Regulations regarding the Festwochen Clubticket.’

    You will then receive your Festwochen Clubticket and your Clubticket Code by post and be able to buy your tickets using your code discount as soon as tickets go on sale on 14 May 2021.

  • How long is a voucher valid for?

    The voucher for a Festwochen Clubticket is valid until 30 June 2025.

  • I already bought a Clubticket for the Festwochen reframed edition. Will I be sent a new Clubticket for 2021 and is my code still valid for 2021?

    Yes. You’ll be sent a new Festwochen Clubticket by post, and your personal code remains valid for the 2021 edition of the Wiener Festwochen.

  • How long is the Festwochen Clubticket valid?

    The Festwochen Clubticket is valid until November 30 2021.

  • What is the Clubticket Code?

    You’ll find your Clubticket Code on your Festwochen Clubticket. It consists of a combination of letters and digits (e.g. JK123) without any spaces between the letters and/or the digits. You need to indicate your Festwochen Clubticket Code whenever you purchase admission tickets.

  • How do I get my Clubticket Code if I’m buying my Festwochen Clubticket online from the web shop?

    First, purchase your Festwochen Clubticket as a print@home ticket. Your Clubticket Code will be specified in your print@home confirmation email. After that, for each production, you will have the option of clicking the item ‘Festwochen Clubticket’ under ‘Select benefits’ and of entering your Clubticket Code in the ‘Promotion Code’ field. ‘Festwochen Clubticket’ will then appear and be bookable for any category. The small-format Clubticket will then be sent to you by post.

  • When will I find out which dress rehearsal I’m invited to?

    Dress rehearsals are often the first public moment of what can sometimes be a rather intimate artistic process. They are scheduled first and foremost for début performances and world premieres as well as pieces which, for their staging at the Wiener Festwochen, require a more elaborate stage adaptation or special co-ordination of their technical and content-related aspects. In principle it is up to each artistic team to decide whether or not to allow an audience to sit in on a dress rehearsal. Experience shows that such decisions are often taken at relatively short notice, i.e. just a few weeks before the scheduled date. We will notify you immediately once the date has been confirmed.

  • What happens if I can’t go to the dress rehearsal or if I’ve already bought tickets for that particular production?

    We will do our best to offer you a different dress rehearsal or equivalent.

  • Who should I notify if my contact details change (address, phone, email)?

    Please email the Festwochen Information Service at w.springer@festwochen.at

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