The use of personal data is regulated by the data privacy statement. The data privacy statement is an integral and binding part of the general terms and conditions at hand.

With the conclusion of the sales transaction, the sale becomes binding and can no longer be cancelled or modified. However, the sales transaction can only take place if the booking process is done with a valid credit card and the payment is authorised by the respective credit card company.

The tickets purchased can either be picked up at the Wiener Festwochen box offices or mailed to the buyer on request. The tickets shall be picked up against presentation of the confirmation of reservation and of the credit card used for the payment. The handing-over of the tickets must be acknowledged by signature. The mailing of tickets entails the payment of a fee in accordance with the official price list. Wiener Festwochen shall not be liable for any damage caused by the non-authorisation of a payment transaction by the respective credit card company.

By purchasing a ticket, each attendee becomes subject to the house rules. Discount requirements will be verified on admission to the performance/event. The Festwochen Clubticket is not transferable.Latecomers shall be subject to the admission regulations under the respective house rules for all performance/event venues. Late admission may not be possible due to the specific characteristics of a production. Tickets without stubs are invalid. On the ticket holder’s leaving the performance/event venue, the ticket shall lose its validity. All misuse will be punished. If headphones are provided for loan at a performance/event, a valid picture-ID has to be deposited.

Tickets are not considered invoices under Article 11 of UStG (Value Added Tax Law) and hence are not eligible for input tax deduction.

The sales partners procure the tickets for the customers in the name and on the account of the organizer. Tickets cannot be returned (exchanged or bought back) – except if an event is cancelled or if tickets are taken back as part of the COVID-19 safety concept. If COVID-19 symptoms do appear or if there are fears of people falling ill, the venue must not be accessed; the ticket price will be refunded. If a performance or event is cancelled, it is recommended to return the ticket within one month after the performance/event date exclusively to Wiener Festwochen box offices. Inasmuch as can be reasonably considered acceptable for the consumer, the organiser (venue) shall be authorised to introduce changes of cast, programme and date. In case of a performance/event being cancelled or postponed or of the programme being changed through no fault of the organiser (venue), no expense whatsoever (e.g. accommodation, travel cost, etc.) shall be subject to reimbursement; any intermediation, system or handling charges shall not be reimbursed, either.

The holder of these tickets expressly consents to the use and exploitation in the media of all photos made of him/her during or in connection with the performance/event, which use or exploitation shall not entail any right to compensation or limitations in time, area of application or territory and may be made by means of any current or future technical process.

In case of concerts, the sound volume may entail the risk of hearing loss or damage to health; for these and any other material damage or bodily harm, the organiser (venue) shall assume liability only if this damage or harm results through the fault of the organiser (venue).

Sound, film and video recordings as well as photography shall not be permitted.
In case of an attendee disregarding this prohibition (especially with regarding to flash photography!), the organiser shall be entitled to confiscate the camera until the end of the performance/event. Open-air events may take place under all weather conditions. No umbrellas, bottles or other hazardous objects, etc. may be introduced into the event site. Each attendee shall provide for his/her rainwear on his/her own.

If the front of the ticket bears the imprint “Gilt als Fahrschein in Wien” (valid as ticket for public transport in Vienna), this shall apply for Verkehrsverbund Ost (VOR, Public Transport Authority for Eastern Austria) in the core zone “100” for a period of 2 hours before and up to 6 hours after the beginning of the performance/event (applies also to night-line buses).

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In the webshop, in addition to the terms of the Wiener Festwochen, also the following terms of CTS Eventim Austria GmbH apply.

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