Kim de l´Horizon

© Flavio Karrer


born on Gethen in 2666, studied German in the Ivory Tower, Literary Weeping in Biel and Witchcraft with Starhawk. With the literary magazine delirium, Kim scratches away at the idea that texts are produced by so-called "individuals", i.e. that this happens alone, in a quiet little room. By the way, Kim also likes to perform, formerly for the junges theatre basel as well as with the collective e0b0ff and in life. The work on the debut novel Blutbuch took a few decades longer than initially teased. In the meantime, Kim tried to gain attention in the vast and desolate territories of the cultural blahblah with newcomer prizes – the Tribehaus competition for braiding, the Textstreich competition for unwritten poetry, the OpenNet competition for prose textiles and the Damenprozessor. Kim studies transdisciplinarity at the ZHdK, and paints ecofeminist burnout images of the earth, moving on the border between literature and painting, theory and art, ceramics and Rupaul. Kim likes to shake the images that we have of bodies, that we have of humans and non-humans, that we have of "naturalness", that we have of "we". Kim de l'Horizon's debut novel Blutbuch was published by DuMont Verlag in Cologne in August 2022. The novel received the Jürgen Pronto Foundation Prize, the German Book Prize and the Swiss Book Prize. Kim de l’Horizon is a member of the Council of the Republic as part of the Vienna Festival | Free Republic of Vienna 2024.

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