EXHAUST / ajax
Kris Verdonck
Admission free
22 June
Time 8.30pm
22 June
Time 8.30pm
© da-kuk

While some slash car tires and some block motorways, the visual artist and theatre producer Kris Verdonck simply destroys the combustion engine. The audience is invited to join a large procession through Vienna (starting point: House of the Republic) and attend the morbid spectacle of a medieval execution. Once the charges have been read, the judgement will be enforced collectively and the monstrosity of the engine, the very symbol of progress in the twentieth century, will be destroyed in a spectacular explosion. Following Sophocles’ tragedy Ajax, where the hero errs and is deluded by the gods to kill the wrong enemy, Ajax (Exhaust) proclaims: Less is more! Progress is not endless growth. Instead of sacrificing the planet, let us sacrifice the combustion engine!

Artistic Team

Direction, Concept, Text Kris Verdonck Dramaturgy Kristof Van Baarle With Benjamin Verdonck Technical coordination Daniel Romero Calderon Technical engineer Vincent Malstaf Technician Thomas Glorieux


Production A Two Dogs Company Coproduction Wiener Festwochen | Freie Republik Wien, NTGent With the support of the Flemish Authorities, the Flemish Community Commission (VGC)

May 2024, NTGent

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