Well Gedacht (DJ-Kollektiv)
Location: USUS am Wasser
12. Sep
Time: from 8.30pm
© Vostokanalytica
© Deniz Örs
© Maria Dalhoff

    Well Gedacht is a label / collective based in Vienna, Austria. Founded by Aras Levni Seyhan, Deniz Örs and Eren İleri, it started in 2011 as concert series, focusing on different styles from free improvisation to Hip Hop. Well Gedacht transformed itself into a label with its first physical release in 2015, Transport by Kollektiv Rauschen. The latest offering by Well Gedacht is Asifeh’s Makhazen Bukra, which came out in May 2020 on 12” vinyl. Literally meaning "archives/storage spaces of tomorrow", it is a dark, yet satirical take on concepts dealing with posthumanism and the fate of earth.

    DJ Sets by

    Keine West
    Firas Shehadeh

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