Erwan Keravec
Urban Pipes
Location: USUS am Wasser
12. Sep
Time: from 8.30pm
© Nicolas Godin

    Erwan Keravec is a French bagpiper who plays traditional, contemporary and improvised music on Scottish bagpipes. In his highly individual approach he is taking this ancient instrument in new directions, informed by new modes of expression. Keravec‘s music has a timeless quality that connects time-honoured (althergebracht) tradition with a new perspective, aiming to show that the bagpipe is a universal instrument. This versatility is also highlighted by an interest in movement and in settings associated with reinvention, leading to frequent collaborations with dancers and choreographers like Boris Charmatz, Emmanuelle Huynh, or Alban Richard . With solo pieces written for him by composers like Éliane Radigue, Heiner Goebbels or Wolfgang Mitterer, his repertoire is also encompassing pieces by Pierre-Yves Macé, Otomo Yoshihide or Bernhard Lang. At Last Time, This Time, Next Time Keravec will present his own compositions, imagining a music for solo bagpipe that does not evoke its cultural origin; music that is only music, with no other function than to be experienced.

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