Overview Week 3

Monday, 30 May
At the Schauspielhaus today, Damien Rebgetz is celebrating the world premiere of We had a lot of bells.

Tuesday, 31 May
This week the Pickle Bar is serving up its usual fare of fermented foods as well as a performance featuring Veronika Merklein and Ela A. Sattler.

Wednesday, 1 June
Not one premiere, but two! The Ring des Nibelungen by Christopher Rüping and Necati Öziri at Hall E and The Shadow Whose Prey the Hunter Becomes by Back to Back Theatre at Theater Akzent.

Thursday, 2 June
by Jozef Wouters, expanded to include a work by Amanda Piña, premieres at the Volkstheater while Caroline Peters’s Die Maschine steht nicht still has its premiere at the Theater Nestroyhof Hamakom.

Friday, 3 June
While brut nordwest is showing the lecture Transliterative Tease by Slavs and Tatars, Tarek Atoui’s Souffle Continu is on at das Werk – followed by a club night with Flora Yin-Wong, Hadi Zeidan, Lutto Lento (live), Iceboy Violet (live), Paul Ebhart, Yuzu, Ziur

Saturday, 4 June
Today and tomorrow there are two more opportunities to catch Close Encounters. Meanwhile the Wikipedia Edit-a-thon is underway at the ÖMSUBM.

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