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To pre-book your tickets for the Wiener Festwochen please use the following booking form.

Pre-bookings will be processed in order of receipt. Processing will begin 27 July 2020. You will receive a confirmation by email once your pre-booking will have been processed.

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NOTE: If you want to remove a production or a price category from your booking, just fill in '0' instead of '1, 2, 3, ...' with the quantity.


    For the indicated number of persons I would like to receive the following discount. The necessary proof of entitlement I will provide before the payment of the tickets by email or post or from 10 August at the box office in the foyer of Halle E+G at the MuseumsQuartier.

    Only one discount can be applied to each ticket.

    Further discounts, approx. 10% (max. 2 tickets per production each)

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