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The Wooster Group is a collective of artists active in a great variety of disciplines and was established in the SoHo neighbourhood of New York City in 1975. The Group’s output is not clearly identifiable by the criteria of traditional theatre and spans audiovisual, multimedia, theatrical and performance arts. From its establishment to the present, the Group has enjoyed the reputation of being one of the most innovative pioneers of a radical, postmodernist, experimental theatre. In Wooster Group productions, contemporary, classic or improvised texts and technology are intertwined to invent new narrative forms. Under the direction of Elizabeth LeCompte, the company has created more than 40 theatre projects, e.g. including Rumstick Road (1977), L.S.D. (... Just the High Points ...) (1984), Brace Up! (1991), House/Lights (1999), To You, the Birdie! (Phèdre) (2001), Hamlet (2006), the opera La Didone (2008), Vieux Carré (2009), The Room (2015), The Town Hall Affair (2017) and A Pink Chair (In Place of a Fake Antique) (2018). The company presents its shows all over the world. The Performing Garage, at 33 Wooster Street in New York, is the permanent residence of the company. Together with Elizabeth LeCompte, The Wooster Group is led by associate director Kate Valk and producer Cynthia Hedstrom.

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The Wooster Group
The Wooster Group, Bertolt Brecht
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