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The Wooster Group, Bertolt Brecht
Language: English with German surtitles
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03. Jun
Time: 8.30pm
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Time: 8.30pm
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    The Wooster Group: influential and trendsetting, legendary and revolutionary. The New York theatre company returns to Vienna with a world premiere, their last performance in the city dating back to 1997. This time Elizabeth LeCompte is directing Bertolt Brecht’s The Mother. The agitprop ‘Lehrstück’, or learning play, showcases the lead character’s journey from illiterate woman to resolute revolutionary. The play premiered in Berlin in 1932 and was to be the last Brecht premiere before the Nazis seized power. In 1935 it was adapted for the stage in collaboration with the Theatre Union of New York, a left-wing theatre company. The Wooster Group revisits this connection between Brecht and New York, introducing its own distinctive aesthetic and contem porary debates. SoHo, the district where the eponymous Wooster Street is located, has undergone extreme gentrification since the Group was first founded in 1975. The transformation of cityscape and society are the themes with which The Wooster Group addresses a text once condemned as propagandistic in the 1930s. Indeed, current events have made a rereading of that text all the more compelling.

    • Artistic Team

      Text Bertolt Brecht Direction Elizabeth LeCompte With music by Amir ElSaffar With Charlie Coursey, Steve Cuiffo, Matthew Dipple, Jim Fletcher, Ari Fliakos, Gareth Hobbs, Erin Mullin, Kate Valk Set Elizabeth LeCompte, Joseph Silovsky Light David Sexton, Jennifer Tipton Sound Eric Sluyter Video Irfan Brkovic Costume Enver Chakartash Production Management Bona Lee

    • Production

      Production The Wooster Group Coproduction Wiener Festwochen, piece by piece productions (New York)

      Premiere June 2020, Wiener Festwochen

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