Christiane Jatahy and Itamar Vieira Júnior
Location Odeon
Language Portuguese with German Translation
Admission free
16 June
Time 19 Uhr
© Uendel Galter

    For the Talks, artists and experts from other fields of knowledge engage with each other. They look to broaden perspectives and offer concrete visions in the face of an uncertain future. A diverse array of artistic positions is placed within a wider context and linked with current social discourses.

    The internationally acclaimed novel Torto Arado by Itamar Vieira Júnior looks at the extinction of Black, Indigenous and Quilombola communities, who for centuries have been fighting for their right to land ownership in his home country of Brazil. For theatre maker Christiane Jatahy, the novel was the starting point for a new play: Depois do silêncio. In their conversation, the two discuss the way colonial thinking and action are perpetuated into the present; they talk about their strategies for a resistant artistic practice, and how fiction can become an effective template for change.

    Presentation Ruth Eisenreich

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