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Encyclopédie de la parole, Joris Lacoste, Pierre-Yves Macé, Sébastien Roux, Ictus
Music, Performance
Language: many languages with German and English surtitles
28. May
Time: 8pm
29. May
Time: 8pm
30. May
Time: 8pm
© H Mairet
© Camille Flammarion
© William Hope

    The appearance of the ghost in Hamlet; a voice echoing in the mountains; a preacher praying to Jesus: Encyclopédie de la parole uses audio recordings to explore language. And since 2007 the artists have been using this extensive collection of recordings to produce stage performances that address the relationship between body, sound and meaning. For Suite n°4 director Joris Lacoste is collaborating with composers Sébastien Roux and Pierre-Yves Macé as well as the ensemble Ictus, which specialises in contemporary music. The evening promises to feature countless situations rendered in more than 19 languages. While Roux structures the audio material almost raw, modulated only through minimal sound elements, Macé uses the sounds produced by the eight musicians to intensify and counterpoint the recordings. Suite n°4 focuses on the theme of absence. The speakers in the audio recordings manifest themselves through their absence. An opera without singers emerges, a theatre without actors. Nonetheless, it is packed full of characters, action and emotion.

    • Artistic Team

      Concept Encyclopédie de la parole, Ictus Composition Joris Lacoste (dramaturgy), Pierre-Yves Macé (instrumental music), Sébastien Roux (electro-acoustic music) Direction Joris Lacoste Audio document collection Julie Etienne, Joris Lacoste, Oscar Lozano Pérez, Nicolas Rollet, Elise Simonet Sound Alexandre Fostier, Stephane Leclercq Lights, Stage Florian Leduc Graphic Design, Video Oscar Lozano Pérez Artistic Collaboration Oscar Lozano Pérez, Nicolas Rollet, Elise Simonet With Hugo Abraham (double bass), Tom De Cock (micro-percussion, vibraphone, timpani), Chryssi Dimitriou (double bass flute, bass flute, G flute), Annie Lavoisier (harp), Luca Piovesan (accordion), Jean-Luc Plouvier (electronic keyboard), Eva Reiter (Paetzold flute, viola da gamba), Primož Sukič (electric guitar, acoustic guitar)

    • Production

      Production Echelle 1:1, Ictus Coproduction Wiener Festwochen, Festival d’Automne à Paris, MC93 Bobigny, Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels), Kaaitheater (Brussels), Théâtre National de Strasbourg, Le Quartz - Scène Nationale de Brest, Teatro Municipal do Porto With the support of Fondation d’entreprise Hermès – New Settings (Paris) Residency Les Subs (Lyon)

      Premiere 2021

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