Corona Info / FAQ

Your health is of course very important to us and we want to make sure you enjoy a safe and pleasant visit to our events, which is why we have summarised here all the important questions regarding your visit.

You will find answers to most questions here. We are also happy to answer your questions by phone on +43 1 589 22 22 (Mo-Fri (workdays), 10am to 5pm).

Keep up to date here with all the latest developments and find out all you need to know about the current measures before attending your performance.
We are doing our best to react as quickly as possible to changes in the guidelines.


  • How can I buy tickets?

    From 14 May 2021, 10am, you have the possibility of buying your tickets in the webshop, by phone with a credit card, or at our box office in the Foyer of Halle E+G at MuseumsQuartier. In the webshop as well as by phone you have the option of choosing print@home tickets.

  • Are there distancing seats in the seating plans of the venues?

    Yes - complying with the authorities' requirements the seating chart booking of the venues shows the seating plan in a "chessboard pattern" (each seat is separated from the next by an empty distancing seat).

  • Why can’t I buy more than four tickets per performance?

    Due to the very limited seating capacity, a max. of four tickets per customer is available for each performance.

  • Will tickets be personalised?

    Yes – each seat must be personalised with the name and phone number of its occupant, to facilitate contact tracing by the health authorities if necessary. The name will be printed on the ticket.
    The name printed on the ticket has to be identical to the one on the document of proof regarding Covid-19 (tested, vaccinated, recovered).

  • Do I need to give my contact details when purchasing tickets from the box office?

    Yes - as each ticket has to be personalised, we kindly ask you to notify us of your contact details (name and phone number) when purchasing tickets from the box office, to enable contact tracing by the health authorities if required.

  • Is a performance sold out if there are no more tickets left for purchase in the webshop?

    ‘currently not available’ means either that there are no more tickets currently available for that performance or that tickets cannot be booked in the webshop anymore, as tickets for performances the same evening can be booked up until 4pm.
    For perfomances starting before 7pm, tickets can be booked up until 12 noon. Thereafter a performance will be shown as fully booked (‘currently not available’). For the latest information on ticket availability on the day of the performance, please contact the Festwochen Service on +43 1 589 22 22.

  • Is there a waiting list for sold-out performances?

    You can submit your request for tickets for sold-out performances in advance by calling the Festwochen Service on +43 1 589 22 22. If there are any returns, you will be contacted ahead of time based on our office waiting list.

    In keeping with our Covid-19 prevention concept, we will not be operating a waiting list at the evening box office.

  • Do I have any chance of getting a ticket at the evening box office even if a performance is sold out?

    Any remaining tickets will be sold when the evening box office opens. In keeping with our Covid-19 prevention concept, we will not be operating a waiting list at the evening box office.

  • When do evening box offices open?

    The evening box offices at Theater an der Wien, Volkstheater and Halle E+G at the MuseumsQuartier open 1.5 hours before the start of the performance.
    All other evening box offices open 1 hour before the start of the performance.

  • Are there any standing room tickets available?

    No - complying with the authorities' requirements no standing room tickets are available.

    Exceptions: Letters from Attica and Echoic Choir
    Echoic Choir:
    The numbering of the standing room places on the hall layout plan also applies on site. The places are set out in accordance with the appplicable spacing regulations.
    Letters from Attica
    : A standing space will be assigned to you on location, in compliance with the distancing regulations.

  • How can I access the venue Jugendstiltheater am Steinhof, are there any special regulations?

    This venue is accessible exclusively via the Meeting point at Gate 1 (Treffpunkt Tor 1), Baumgartnerhöhe 1, and can only be reached in groups guided by ushers starting at the meeting point (from 90 minutes prior to a performance).

  • Can I pass my tickets on?

    Due to the personalising of the tickets passing your tickets on is not readily possible.
    Please contact the Festwochen Service at +43 1 589 22 22 for feasibility.

  • Can I return my tickets or exchange them for another date or performance?

    No, returning tickets already purchased and paid for or changing to another date or performance is not possible.

    lf you are tested Covid-19 positive, the venue must not be accessed; the ticket price will be refunded.


We kindly ask you to observe the two-metre spacing regulation throughout your visit as well as the general hygiene recommendations.

  • Tested? Vaccinated? Recovered? What proof do I need to show in order to attend an event?

    As things currently stand, a valid negative Covid-19 test result, a vaccination certificate or confirmation of recovery from a Covid-19 infection must be shown in order to attend any Wiener Festwochen event. The relevant document will be checked on admission to the venue.

    Please note the current Ministry of Health regulations in each case.

  • Can I get tested before the performance?

    Please make sure you come to the event with a valid negative Covid-19 test. If you need to be tested with an antigen test at the TEST BOX in front of the MuseumsQuartier, you can do so daily from 11 am to 7 pm, free of charge, from 1 June to 13 July by showing your Festwochen ticket – please avoid testing at short notice immediately before an event.

  • Where and when do I have to wear an FFP2 mask?

    An FFP2 mask must be worn at all times as soon as you enter the venue – and also during the performance. Please bring your own mask.

  • How is admission to the auditorium regulated?

    We are making every effort to space out the flow of visitors, so please allow plenty of time before the performance.

    Depending on the venue, the entrance closest to your seat will be indicated on your ticket.

  • What happens if I arrive late?

    Late admissions will not be possible this year due to the current restrictions. So please make sure you are at the event on time.

  • Are there any free evening programme leaflets?

    Yes, a free evening programme leaflet is available for each event. From the day of the premiere onwards, the programme will also be available online at At the venue itself, the programmes will no longer be handed out by the ushers; simply help yourself to a programme available at each entrance.


  • Do I have to wear an FFP2 mask during the performance?

    An FFP2 mask must be worn at all times as soon as you enter the venue – and also during the performance. Please bring your own mask.

  • Can I change to another, free seat?

    No – as free seats are intended to guarantee the safety distance between two persons, you are not allowed to change your seat.

  • What sort of regulations apply to leaving the event?

    Once the event is over, please leave the auditorium row-by-row or section-by-section, observing the minimum distance. The ushers will give the appropriate instructions depending on the event.


  • What should I do if I become a suspected infection case or test positive shortly after an event?

    In either of these cases it is imperative that you call the health advice number 1450. The health authorities will decide on the subsequent procedure and then contact the Wiener Festwochen accordingly to ask for the relevant contact data of all the persons who attended the event. All the spectators who attended the event in question will then be informed and/or contacted in due course, but only by the health authorities exclusively.

And now, we very much look forward to welcoming you and thank you for your assistance and your understanding!

The Wiener Festwochen would like to thank Dr Stefan Mustafa and the Medical Diagnostics Laboratory for providing the TEST BOX at the MuseumsQuartier, for the all-important support in carrying out the antigen tests for our customers and our team members, and for the support in carrying out the PCR tests for our artists.

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