Born in Calgary in 1987, Sarah Davachi is a Canadian composer and musician. She studied electronic music and recording media at Mills College (Oakland). Her work is concerned with disclosing the psychoacoustics of intimate aural spaces. For this purpose, she utilises extended tone durations and simple harmonic structures that emphasise subtle variations in texture, overtone complexity as well as temperament and intonation. The instrumentation of her compositions is varied, ranging from electric organ, pipe and reed organ or piano, combined with samplers and synthesizers, to strings, brass and woodwinds. Sarah Davachi has published research papers on organology and hermeneutics and worked for the National Music Centre in Canada with the institution’s collection of acoustic and electronic keyboard instruments. As a musician, she has toured extensively across the globe and moreover recorded the albums Gave in Rest (2018) and Pale Bloom (2019). Currently, Sarah Davachi is a doctoral student in musicology at UCLA and based in Los Angeles.

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