Inhabitants mit Margarida Mendes
What Is Deep Sea Mining?
© Inhabitants with Margarida Mendes, What is Deep Sea Mining?, 2018-2020. Commissioned by TBA21-Academy

    Inhabitants is an online channel for exploratory videos and documentaries about issues related to environmentalism and the Anthropocene, founded by Portuguese artists Pedro Neves Marques and Mariana Silva in 2005. This graphic work is part of its research into the deep-sea mining industry, which has turned oceans into the latest frontier of corporative mineral extraction. The graphic draws attention to current explorations that are part of development plans for new undersea mines that will cover an area the size of Europe. The destruction of the ocean floor threatens not only marine life and ecosystems but the entire global fight against environmental injustice and the climate emergency.

    The research project What Is Deep Sea Mining? is supported by TBA21-Academy.

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