Chto Delat
Eine Feder
© Chto Delat, Eine Feder (visualized by Dmitry Vilensky), 2020

    The work of the Russian collective Chto Delat draws on the aesthetics of Soviet anti-nuclear war posters from the 1970s, which mixed cutout images to create threatening scenarios of environmental devastation. The question in Chto Delat’s graphic work, “What will happen if one feather falls from its body?,” is a playful revision of the exhibition’s title, inviting us to see the origins of the coronavirus pandemic in terms of the black swan theory—which describes unpredictable and unexpected events that can trigger severe consequences. In the work’s speculative fiction, an interconnected and globalized world is pushed around like a toy by a skinny pig, a breed of guinea pig developed in 1978 by scientists.

    Eine Feder is visualized by Dmitry Vilensky.

    Chto Delat, collective, founded in Petersburg in 2003

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