Ersan Mondtag, Sibylle Berg Hass-Triptychon — Wege aus der Krise

Eine Therapie in drei Flügeln

© Ersan Mondtag

The 31-year-old Berlin-based director Ersan Mondtag has become a well-known name in the German theatre scene – with good reason. Time and again he has succeeded in creating unique theatrical worlds, rich in overtones and with an enigmatic quality. With the fabulous actor Benny Claessens he is staging the world premiere of Sibylle Berg’s Hass-Triptychon — Wege aus der Krise at the Wiener Festwochen. Its ludicrously brutal scenes exemplify the envy, resentment, anger and destructiveness that can be found in all social classes. Housewives or homosexuals, old or young people, migrants or locals – they all murder and rape. As the central element of the piece, a “hate master” describes and comments on the events. In the end, will he also ask how much hate is enough?

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