Sorour Darabi Savušun

© Otto Zinsou
© Sorour Darabi

Savušun, the latest work by Sorour Darabi, is an ode to vulnerability, to sentient, living beings. Like in the performance Farci.e, the body is at the centre of his*her work. Literally „Savušun“ means: moaning the death of Siyâvash, the legendary Persian prince. Inspired by this pre-Islamic mourning ceremony that is still celebrated today by Shiite Muslims, the Iranian artist examines what the (male) body can represent.
For Sorour Darabi the traditional rituals of moaning, crying, singing and beating prove of a heterogeneous beauty: the men expose to the crowds of spectators their power and weakness. The collective experience evokes contradictory and ambiguous emotions: violence, pain, grief and tenderness.

With Farci.e and Savušun the Wiener Festwochen offer two striking insights into a highly original artistic world.

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