Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge Red Vienna 1919 – 2019 – 2119

The City`s Knowledge in 252 Dialogues

© Iocco Cappellari
© Thomas Aurin
© Dorothee Wimmer

Between 1919 and 1934, when Vienna was governed by the Socialist Party, it was not just a place where policies were made – the city itself was policy, and architecture was its political tool and manifesto. An urban architecture of knowledge emerged in which (almost) everyone could, or had to, learn. The aim was for the knowledge of the urban community to come from crafts, technology, work and society itself, and to inject reality and a sense of community into scientific theories and policymakers’ actions. What if, for just one evening, Vienna were again a visionary, solidary educational establishment for all?

To mark the 100th anniversary of Socialist Vienna (“Red Vienna”), the Mobile Academy Berlin is staging a supra-temporal urban landscape with 120 experts who will tell their stories. The social utopias and architectural manifestos of the Red Vienna of the 1920s meet the urban present day and the future inventions for a new city. Historians and contemporary witnesses will speak for the past; present-day council housing residents and professionals will provide a critical view of the present; and science fiction authors, activists, technologists and other urban pioneers will illustrate the city of the future. The past, present and future of Vienna – retold and reinvented in 252 dialogues.

A project by Mobile Akademie Berlin in collaboration with Wiener Festwochen

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