Ictus Pneuma

© Katsushika Hokusai
© Ictus Ensemble
© Inés Bacher
© Inés Bacher

Pneuma is at the same time, a concert and an installation where a collective act of (deep) breathing and listening is allowed to occur. This project originated from a proposition by French artist Philippe Quesne, who turned an inflatable membrane filled with air into a performance space. Ictus, a Brussels-based contemporary music ensemble renowned for the audacity of its repertoire and its eagerness to experiment with special formats, designed a programme inspired by human breathing for this setting. The audience is free to roam around or lie down while experiencing the musical pieces. In the choral work, which opens the evening, the performers let their breath resonate and create a field of respiratory soundscapes. Sonic, vibrational and tactile all at once, this piece kicks off an unique programme of hauntingly beautiful music.

This project is part of a programme the Wiener Konzerthaus is dedicating to the Russian composer Sofia Gubaidulina on 15 and 16 June, with 2 concerts on each day.
Please find programme details at www.konzerthaus.at/gubaidulina

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