FESTWOCHEN PARTY Opening Party Festwochen in den Gösserhallen

with Haskii, Laurel Halo DJ-Set, object blue, Osheyack (live)

© Ines Bacher
© Laurel Halo
© Osheyack
© Katarina Šoškić

When the festival reaches half-time on 29 May, the Festwochen Bar will move from the Volkstheater to the Gösserhallen. At the opening party of Festwochen in the Gösserhallen, electronic sounds from London, Vienna and Shanghai will resound within the brick walls of the former industrial area. Laurel Halo’s ecstatic DJ sets range from experimental to techno. The London-based DJ and producer object blue bridges the gap between techno and danceable sound experiments. Osheyack’s performances combine gabber, techno, ambient and drone to form electronic spectral sounds. And last but not least, the atmospheric sets of the Viennese designer, artist and DJ Haskii immerse the dancefloor in uncanny soundscapes and pulsating techno sounds.


approx 22:30 Haskii 
approx 00:00 Laurel Halo 
approx 01:30 Osheyack (live)
approx 02:00 object blue 

Listen to Haskii here
Listen to Laurel Halo here
Listen to object blue here
Listen to Osheyack here