An audio-postcard release party by architecture students from TU Vienna at the LAX BAR

© Christoph Meier

Today, architects less and less unfold their expertise in other genres. It is for this reason that architecture students at the TU Wien, headed by Christoph Meier, decided to venture into the territory of the Wiener Festwochen:

The interview format served as the medium that allowed them to delve into the works of selected artists in the Wiener Festwochen programme and to have a conversation with them. The outcome was a series of audio- postcards – objects that unite sound and image. They are the result of an encounter and a snapshot of that social moment, and also the result of an in-depth examination and a catalyst that allows listeners to dive in as well. The ONE series is a question, an answer.

The Vienna-based artists Natascha Muhic and Christoph Freidhöfer used their so-called vinylograph, vinyl cutting apparatus inspired by record booths from the 1950s in the US, to produce the audio- postcards. These were then published in an edition of 50 copies each by Der Konterfei, the publishing house of Viennese artist Robert Jelinek.

The students are delighted to invite you to the presentation of the project, as a subjective and auditory retrospective view of the Wiener Festwochen, where creators and listeners can contemplate the audio-postcards together. And what better venue than the LAX BAR, on the premises of the former record store Schallplatten Brigitte!

Today architects hardly unfold their expertise in other genres. Therfore I decided to link my teaching job as a professor at the architecture faculty of the Technical University Vienna with the LAX BAR project I am realizing for Wiener Festwochen. For the students of the fictional "Christoph Meier masterclass" the festival itself shall function as site, the interview as such shall be their format. Each student could choose and research about a personality of the program of Wiener Festwochen based on their individual interests. As a next step the students should meet with their preferred artists doing a brief interview and photo, in order to be published as a audio-postcard. Those audio-postcards will be produced in collaboration with Vienna based artist Natascha Muhic on the "Vinylograph", a direct vinyl cutting apparatus inspired by record booths from the 1950s in the US. They will be published in an edition of 50 copies each by "Der Konterfei", a publishing house run by Vienna based artist Robert Jelinek, and released at LAX BAR, based in a former record shop during and supported by Wiener Festwochen. As a result objects will be created, that combine sound and image, become a picture of a social moment, the result of a dialogue and potential starting point for a further exchange with an audience. Most likely those audio-postcards won't be the first interview for the artists, but will be the first publication for the students as part of their artistic practice. Considering Wiener Festwochen's own definition as a place to communicate I therefore truly hope that the student's invitation to a conversation will be well received by the invited artists.

Interviews by and with: 
Katharina Sophie Krump – Béla Tarr, Laura Farmwald – Anna Witt, Sedef Kucukandac – Sarah Vanhee, Jannik Rapp – Christian Fennesz, Kristin Wadlig – Toshiki Okada, Alexander Garber – Mariano Pensotti, Daniela Nutu – Azade Shahmiri, C. Deniz Tokluoglu – Markus Öhrn, Felix Höhne, Noa Schaub – Monira Al Qadiri, Hannah Mucha – Mette Edvardsen, Katharina Lehr-Splawinski - Romeo Castellucci, Marija Vrdoljak – Marino Formenti, Nairi Summhammer – René Pollesch, Noa Schaub – Sibylle Berg