Benjamin Verdonck Liedlein für Gigi

© Kurt Van der Elst

Often the true magic of the theatre can only be rediscovered once it is stripped of all its spectacle and its core is laid bare. Pictures, colours and stories in front of an amazed and enchanted, audience. The Belgian author and theatre maker Benjamin Verdonck needs no more than a small, albeit extremely elaborate, vertical structure consisting of countless layers and a handful of strings to transport his audience to unknown worlds. Song for Gigi is the latest in his series of miniature theatres, which he builds himself. Accompanied by two musicians, Verdonck pulls the strings and lets numerous scenes appear and disappear like a magician. This quiet evening is something of a healing antidote to our hectic everyday lives. A small, unobtrusive gesamtkunstwerk that allows visitors to experience the necessity of fiction.

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