TALK Krystian Lupa in conversation with Monika Meister

A series of talks presented by the Wiener Festwochen in cooperation with DER STANDARD

© Magda Hückel

The Talks bring artists and experts together to find stronger connections between artistic works and the reality they are part of. A selection of artistic projects presented at the festival and some of their specific subject matters serve as a starting point for discussions about current socio-cultural, philosophical and political issues.

In a conversation with Monika Meister, associate professor at the Institute for Theatre, Film and Media Studies at the University of Vienna, Polish director Krystian Lupa gives insight into the development of his work Proces and sheds light on the »increasingly Kafkaesque conditions« in his home country. What implications do difficult working conditions, political arbitrariness and conformism have for art and the freedom of art?
Moderated by Stephan Hilpold.

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