Petja Dimitrova, Thomas Wolkinger I am a book

Vienna residents tell about their one essential book

Ich bin ein Buch. Wiener*innen erzählen aus dem Buch ihres Lebens (I am a book. Vienna residents tell about their one essential book) gathers reading groups in the Wiener Volkshochschulen and in the Büchereien Wien where, starting in March, people will meet every week to present and read their one essential book and explain why it means so much to them. What actually makes a book existentially important? In what way does it impact one’s life? And is it possible to share this experience with people one has only just met? These personal encounters and reading matter form a point of contact for different cultures. They paint a picture of Vienna’s diversity and challenge the Western European definition of a cultural canon. Journalist Thomas Wolkinger listens, documents, asks questions and collects some of these stories. Artist Petja Dimitrova expands them to graphic narratives, which will then be printed in a collective zine. All reading group participants are invited to a final event where the collected stories will be presented in a reading performance moderated by Michael Köhlmeier.

Ablauf Lese-Performance

Moderation: Michael Köhlmeier
Lesende: Natalie Deewan, Gorji Marzban, Helia Mirzaei und weitere Teilnehmende der Lesekreise
Musik: Trio Vila Madalena Extended: Franz Oberthaler Klarinette und Sax, Marco Antonio Sanhueza Gitarre und Gesang, Jovan Torbica Bass