Keyvan Sarreshteh Apart-ment

© Keyvan Sarreshteh

People personalise the homes they live in. But do these spaces, in turn, also impact their inhabitants? In Apart-ment, Keyvan Sarreshteh, born in Iran in 1987, recalls major moments from his life and the many different apartments in Tehran in which he experienced them. Before moving house for the first time at age 13, he drew the floor plan of the place he had called home up to that point in a notebook. And in his performance, while telling the audience about the boy next door who died of leukaemia or about being in love for the very first time, he draws the layout of the master bedroom, balcony and toilet onto the floor using a soaked sponge. His memories remain, but the wet lines keep disappearing. This simple yet poetic act in Sarreshteh’s reduced, imaginative performance illustrates the never-ending passage of time. For every new experience, something is left behind. In order to get to unknown places, familiar ones must be abandoned. Sarreshteh’s play, which is also his debut as an author, is highly acclimed in his home country. Now, the Wiener Festwochen are giving audiences the chance to see Apart-ment outside Iran for the very first time.

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