Selected Video Works


© Cassils
The visual and performance artist, bodybuilder and transgender icon Cassils gained international recognition with their use of their own body as artistic material and by continually modifying it. Cassils’s body becomes the protagonist of their work, making the history(s) of violence, representation struggle and survival visible. In addition to their performances in front of live audiences, Cassils places great value on video as an important medium of expression and documentation for their continual artistic processes.

Fast Twitch// Slow Twitch
The video Fast Twitch// Slow Twitch belongs to the multi-component work Cuts: A Traditional Sculpture, which forms an essential part of Cassils’s work: an endurative performance and reinterpretation of a performance by Eleanor Antin. Instead of documenting the female-connoted act of weight loss, as in the original 1972 work, Cassils uses extreme bodybuilding to gradually transform their body into a hyper-masculine form over 23 weeks.

Inextinguishable Fire, 2007–2015
By employing techniques used by stuntpeople in Hollywood, Cassils went up in flames for 14 seconds for their performance of Inextinguishable Fire. For this work, Cassils took a critical look at the representation of violence and war in the media and the supposed documentary truth of these images.

103 Shots
103 Shots is a poetic memorial for the victims of the 2016 mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, which rocked the LGBTQI community. Shot at San Francisco Pride with the help of over 200 volunteers, the film shows couples trying to burst a balloon between their bodies with the sheer power of their embrace. 103 shots, 103 embraces – one for each life lost or changed forever.

Monument Push
Monument Push was created in close cooperation with the local community in Omaha, Nebraska and documents a four-hour project in public space. In a collective show of strength, a parade draws attention to the marginalised history(s) of locations in the city that are marked by trauma, violence and resistance.

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