Opening Wiener Festwochen 2018

A bouquet from Austria’s capital

© Ines Bacher
© Lukas Beck/Klara Benes/Clemens Bauer/Dietmar Lipkovich
© Daliah Spiegel
© Loys Hämmerle
© V. Molden
© Raphael Just
© Thomas Degen
© v.l.n.r. Horst Danner/Christoph Kostlin/Magdalena Blasczcuk
© Ina Aydogan
© Pamela Russmann
© Ingo Pertramer
© Vodoo Jürgens
© Lukas Beck
This year, the Wiener Festwochen once again welcome the general public to come to the opening on the Rathausplatz, which will be broadcast live on ORF2 and 3Sat.
Ernst Molden and his band will provide the musical setting for the evening and, together with the modern folk quintet ALMA, will send a musical and literary “bouquet from Austria’s capital”. A number of illustrious guests will also make an appearance: Voodoo Jürgens, Mira Lu Kovacs, Willi Resetarits, EsRAP aka Esra Özmen, Gustav, Ursula Strauss, Gerald Votava and Der Nino aus Wien.
Of course, these musicians all share a fondness for the Wienerlied that has been celebrated for many decades and, especially in recent years, has experienced a renaissance and gained new popularity, as well as “related” styles such as blues, jazz, rap and folk.
The musical “bouquet” of the opening evening can be seen, on the one hand, as a declaration of love sent out from the city across the country and, on the other hand, as the embodiment of all that is typically Viennese: What would the capital be without the tenacity and resilience that is also characteristic of thistles or vines? What would it be without all those who come from afar and take root here or the locals with their unique qualities?

At the Prater, in the allotment and around the pond,
at the stations and at the pub,
in council housing or next to the urban motorway.

The dear ones the nasty ones
The workers and the pub regulars
The sweet ones and the crooks

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