Dohee Lee

© Pak Han
© Pak Han
© Dohee Lee
“Mu”, the Korean word for a shaman, describes a person who creates connections. The connective element here is the myth. Myths connect us with living being, objects and nature, with our history, our ancestors and with one another – from one home to another, across time.
Dohee Lee’s work as a performance artist draws on that connectivity, contrasting Western traditions of linearity and thought. Born on Jeju Island, Dohee Lee practises healing as a defiant strategy against patriarchal, colonial suppression. She focuses on the healing aspects of art in collective action and presents, with MU/巫, a contemporary, performative ritual. This production, consisting of video projections, electronic soundscapes, singing, percussion and dance, invites the audience to share a space, to allow a temporary community to emerge in the course of an artistic process – and at the same time, to confront past, present and future challenges of being.

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