Karin Pauer
Planet Body // By the river
Duration: 30 Min.
12. Sep
Time: 17 Uhr / 20 Uhr
© Karin Pauer

    ‘This body is fragile.’ Might we be able to challenge and shake up our anthropocentric perspective by adopting an empathetic and caring approach to our planet? To conduct such an experiment, Karin Pauer has chosen to embody the Earth. Using her own body as her starting point, she searches for parallels between humankind and the planet. The performing body in this work becomes a fearless, labouring, and tireless body. It offers a notion of a contemporary ritual as an antidote to destruction and exploitation. A space for a contemplative rebellion set to Christian Fennesz’s last album Agora is thus created.

    PLANET BODY is part of the series dances of the anthropocene by choreographer Karin Pauer. The productions by the Vienna-based choreographer and performer are sited at the interface between the visual arts and theory.

    • Artistic Team

      Concept, performance Karin Pauer With music by Christian Fennesz, Agora

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