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Philippe Parreno in conversation with Andrea Lissoni
Location brut nordwest
Language English

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11. September
Time 8pm
© Andrea Rossetti
© Maxilimilan Geuter

    This conversation has one rule: to talk only about the future, rather than about the past. As a process of permanent interdependence, in Philippe Parreno's universe, artwork, film, concert and conversation are all part of an artistic manifestation to-be and can generate an exhibition. To give voice to the future is to imagine the possible. And if a voice comes from the future, it might be a prophecy.

    To coincide with the questions about the future that the Wiener Festwochen have chosen to address, the festival has invited four personalities to give inspiring keynote presentations. Drawing on outstanding artistic, curatorial and academic practices, the lectures held on four consecutive evenings are certain to unleash the imagination.

    As part of the Predictably Unpredictable lab, which reflects on the festival of the future, the issues raised will be explored further the following day. The keynotes are part of MITTEN am Abend, a four-day series that combines lectures, performances and music into a highly diverse programme.

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      Philippe Parreno’s artistic practice sees the exhibition format as a medium, the mechanism and impact of which he is continually exploring. Parreno works with film, sculpture, drawing, and text, and his exhibitions have been shown at, among others, London’s Tate Modern and the Serpentine Gallery, the Palais de Tokyo in Paris and New York’s MoMA. They are conceived as a scripted space in which a series of events unfolds.

      Andrea Lissoni is artistic director at the Haus der Kunst in Munich. He was a curator for the Tate Modern in London, where he established a year-round cinematic programme and devised the Live Exhibition experimental format. In 2016, he co-curated Philippe Parreno’s Anywhen exhibition at the Turbine Hall.

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