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The Wiener Festwochen is one of the world’s most highly regarded arts and culture festivals. Established in 1951, it showcases pioneering international works of theatre, opera, music, dance, and the visual arts in May and June each year. Premieres by renowned artists and the very latest works by young talents attract culture enthusiasts and the media from all over the world to the Austrian capital. The works performed at the festival are not on show anywhere else during the year. Also featured are venues created especially for the Wiener Festwochen. All of which, and more, contributes to the very special ‘Festwochen feeling’ that is inseparably linked with the city of Vienna itself.

ArtUp! by Festwochen
The art of boosting your brand.

There are many ways to support the Wiener Festwochen. ArtUp!, the Wiener Festwochen’s new sponsoring concept, is far more than the usual logo presence. Your brand becomes a part of the Wiener Festwochen universe, and your own company a place of cultural activities.

Let’s tell a story.

Countless narratives can be told around the production you have chosen to support. We’ll help you to tell the perfect story for your brand.

Earn applause.

Put your company in the limelight of an internationally acclaimed cultural event and lastingly boost its prestige!

Let’s share friends.

Make sure you and your business partners benefit from the exclusive network of sponsors at the Wiener Festwochen and make new contacts, for instance as part of a sponsors’ dinner or opening night celebrations.

Widen your audience

Widen your target group or even get entirely new target groups on board by winning over the Wiener Festwochen audience to your brand.

ArtUp! by Festwochen

Become a Presenting Partner for a particular Wiener Festwochen production and let the fascinating world of the arts and culture work for your brand. With its ArtUp! sponsoring concept, the Wiener Festwochen festival sees itself as a partner tasked with the mission of making your brand even more culturally significant. It allows the spirit of one of the world’s premier cultural events to flow straight to the heart of your company; in fact, nothing boosts your brand more effectively.

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