Oleg Soulimenko with Mimu Merz
Origins (Extract)
Duration: 30 min
12. Sep
Time: 7pm
© Alfedo Barsuglia

    ‘I always feel it’s nice to go to the front, move into the unknown. But then I go a little bit back, to the past. Because if you already have been somewhere, the place feels warmer than others.’ (Oleg Soulimenko)

    A beginning. Something evolves, appears to be coming into existence. Different objects create images of other worlds where the objects have a voice and a will of their own. The images are abstract, functional and sometimes hard to decipher. Surreal moments, aspects of the wild, the abstract and the inexplicable that mark the beginning of stories. A fantastical figure, accompanied in its doing by a singing performer, intermingles with the objects.

    Oleg Soulimenko is a Russian performance artist and choreographer. Rituals, wit, objects, unknown creatures, and foreign planets make up his artistic playground. In the adaptation and update of his stage play Origins, he is assisted by vocalist and electronic musician Miriam Mone, a.k.a. Mimu Merz, and Austrian author Rosemarie Poiarkov.

    • Artistic Team

      Concept, artistic director, performance Oleg Soulimenko Sound, performance Mimu Merz Costumes, objects Alfredo Barsuglia, Till Jasper Krappmann, Santo Pablo Krappmann Text support Rosemarie Poiarkov Artistic assistant Jascha Spritzendorfer

    • Production

      Coproduction Oleg Soulimenko / Vienna Magic, Tanzquartier Wien With support by Stadt Wien Kultur

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