Éliane Radigue, ONCEIM / Éliane Radigue, François J. Bonnet
Duration: approx. 90 min
Prices: EUR 15 / 25
19. Sep
Time: 8.30pm
© Jacques Brissot courtesy Fondation A R M A N
© Nurith Wagner-Strauss
© Nurith Wagner-Strauss
© Nurith Wagner-Strauss
© Nurith Wagner-Strauss
  • Warm-up! Introductions, lectures and talks

    On Éliane Radigue´s musical multiplicity, a talk with François J. Bonnet and ONCEIM (Frédéric Blondy & Deborah Walker)
    Date 19 September, 7.30pm
    Language English
    Location Portikus

    Please note Due to the limited number of places available, the warm-up events operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Admission 30 minutes before start.

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    Institut français d'Autriche-Vienne

As deep as the ocean and as still as the sea, almost majestic in their tranquility, Éliane Radigue’s compositions unhurriedly unfold into the sound space, at a slow and measured pace. Her music invites us to lose ourselves in fascinating sounds and details, as we might among the waves and currents of the high seas. Radigue began her career in Paris in the 1950s. Over many years she worked exclusively with electronic instruments, creating an idiosyncratic musical style all of her own. An important precursor for an entire generation of electronic musicians, she has over the decades pre-empted many an aesthetic trend. But for the past 15 years or so she has developed her music exclusively in close collaboration with acoustic instrumentalists. Occam Ocean, her latest work, is the result of a two-year collaboration with the ONCEIM ensemble. As a contrast to this comprehensive composition for 28 musicians the Wiener Festwochen also present Chry-ptus (1971), one of Radigue’s earliest works. A fascinating synthesiser composition, performed by the French musician and director of the INA GRM institute, François J. Bonnet.

  • Artistic Team

    With music by Éliane Radigue, Occam Ocean and Chry-ptus Interpreted by ONCEIM (Prune Bécheau / violin, Patricia Bosshard / violin, Cyprien Busolini / viola, Elodie Gaudet / viola, Julia Robert / viola, Anaïs Moreau / cello, Deborah Walker / cello, Félicie Bazelaire / double bass, Benjamin Duboc / double bass, Frédéric Marty / double bass, Richard Comte / guitar, Jean-Sébastien Mariage / guitar, Christelle Séry / Gitarre, Pierre Cussac / accordion, Jean-Brice Godet / clarinet, Joris Rühl / clarinet, Juliette Adam / clarinet, Camille Fauvet / clarinet, Isabelle Duthoit / clarinet, Stéphane Rives / soprano saxophone, Carmen Lefrançois / alto saxophone, Jakob Gnigler / alto saxophone, Bertrand Denzler / tenor saxophone, Franz Hautzinger / trumpet, Vianney Desplantes / euphonium, Alois Benoit / euphonium, Alexis Persigan / trombone, Antonin Gerbal / percussion, Rémi Durupt / percussion, Diemo Schwarz / percussion), François J. Bonnet Conductor Frédéric Blondy Light concept Raphael Haider, Marlene Posch

  • Production

    Premiere Occam Ocean, September 2015 CRAK festival (Paris)
    Chry-ptus, April 1971, New York Cultural Center

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