At the end of this years edition, the festival signals a change of pace. The Wiener Festwochen are interrupting their flow to open up an additional space for encounters with their audience. Away from the stages and the finished works, the city will be filled with processes, conversations, and experiences, all radiating out from the Nordwestbahn site. For a whole week, the succession of evening premieres is to be replaced by daytime lab sessions, featuring a discursive programme, performances, concerts, and an (outdoor) space for relaxed get-togethers in the evening. As they shift perspectives and open up free spaces, these labs are set to be exciting and stimulating, inspiring and fun, as they highlight real possibilities for our desire for change.

Location brut nordwest



For MITTEN am Tag, artists and the festival will focus their energies on process-orientated exchanges and diverse learning experiences as part of practical lab sessions. Together with Festwochen artists, participants will reflect on what makes the city likeable or detestable, relate various anecdotes about their given names, engage in all sorts of dialogues in Vienna’s parks and gardens, dip into the waters of the Danube and listen out for its testimony; or cook soup for 18 hours. Each activity is in keeping with the artists’ individual wishes to explore a particular theme inspired by the city of Vienna or their own artistic research. They will blaze a new trail and invite an equally inquisitive group of people to ally themselves to this venture lasting several days.

Dates 1 - 12 September

By and with Azade Shahmiri, Begüm Erciyas, Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha, Jozef Wouters, Kate McIntosh, Laia Fabre, Thomas Kasebacher / notfoundyet, Felix Schellhorn, Melis Tezkan, Okan Urun / biriken, Michikazu Matsune, Stine Javin, Ula Sickle & Persis Bekkering

Ein Labor zum Festival der Zukunft

On the occasion of its 70th anniversary, the Wiener Festwochen are inviting participants to sketch out scenarios for possible futures under the rubric of Predictably Unpredictable. As part of a four-day lab session, researchers and students from five universities, artists, and members of the public will come together to consider the positioning of festivals yesterday, today and tomorrow, in lectures and discussions as well as performance, installation and acoustic interventions. With the help of the Festwochen archive, they will retrace the festival’s chequered history, discuss its current challenges and, together, draw up visions of the Festival of the Future – as a place for the predictably unpredictable.

Dates 9 - 12 September

Admission free

By and with Alexandra Althoff, Anne Juren, Ash Bulayev, Begüm Erciyas, Carlo Rovelli, Claudia Bosse, Elke Krasny, Helga Nowotny, Jozef Wouters, Marvi Mazhar, Michael Marder, Michael Spranger, Milica Ilić, Piergiorgio Pepe, Sandi Hilal, Viola Gruber, Wolfgang Zinggl and others

MITTEN am Abend


MITTEN am Abend expands on the thoughts of the day. Inspired by visions of the future, artists and theorists will take a look at the unpredictability of space, time, encounters, and artistic practice. Four keynote presentations will unleash the imagination.

Local artists will present four sketches for the stage influenced by a piece of Festwochen history. Artistic explorations of history will evolve using various resources such as music, language, stage design, and performance.

The MITTEN evenings will be rounded off by a newly formed group anchored by Austrian trumpet player Franz Hautzinger. For the 16th instalment of his Regenorchester (‘rain orchestra’) he has brought together three exceptional musicians plus a different surprise guest for each evening session.

Dates 8 - 11 September

Admission free
Registration will be carried out on site.

By and with Thomas Hirschhorn, Silvia Bottiroli, Mi You, Philippe Parreno & Andrea Lissoni; Philine Rinnert & Bernhard Fleischmann, Maria Muhar & Sara Ostertag, Sööt/Zeyringer and Curd Duca as well as Franz Hautzinger & Regenorchester XVI

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