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Jozef Wouters
Learning a space by heart
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7. September
11. September
Time 10am to 1pm and 4pm to 6pm
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    “If a space is an entanglement, how far can you follow the lines before they break?” That’s one of the many questions that set designer and artist Jozef Wouters asks. Together with a group of people with a keen interest in spaces, words and nightlife, Jozef Wouters will explore a pre-defined space. What is explored and found in practice in the morning will be then deliberated and fine-tuned in the afternoon.

    • Details

      My work always starts with a space that is already there. It is what I enjoy the most: spending time in a space long before anything is built: long before the idea, the budget, the safety regulations, and the arrival of the truck with all the stuff. How do you read a space? What is it telling you? If a space is an entanglement, how far can you follow the lines before they break? Or: how do you let a space shape you before you start shaping it?

      For the Mitten Lab in Vienna I propose to share the early joy of reading a space with a group of people. I will also bring my interest in the design of secret gardens and discotheques and see if it fits. I would like to work with people with an interest in shaping temporary spaces by any means imaginable.

    • Biography

      Jozef Wouters is a stage designer and theatre maker from Brussels. His works reference specific locations, triggering an exploration of strategic spaces, social processes, and the power of the imagination. Wouters often departs from questions that may, or may not, be predetermined, ideas that gradually take shape inside and outside the boundaries of making; sometimes functional, sometimes activist or absurd, but always with a focus on the things that preoccupy him as an artist and as a person. In 2016, he founded Decoratelier together with his technical director Menno Vandevelde. Located in an old factory building in Brussels, it is the base for most of his projects and artistic collaborations and an accessible workplace for artists from various disciplines.

      “Decoratelier is a space that accommodates the various forms of collaboration and labour that are inherent in my work. Space is tested; conversations take place in wood, iron, and cardboard. It is a permanent place within the constructional quest for constantly changing spaces in which art, thought, and artisans meet.” (Jozef Wouters)

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