Music, Visual Arts, Performance, Discourse
12. Sep
Time: from 12 noon
© Christoph Sauer
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    The video installation No Man II is on unrestricted public display in the Kärtnertorpassage at Karlsplatz. For all other events with free admission and other additional events we have planned, e.g. introductions or artists’ talks, we will inform you here of all the details and safety measures as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe!

Last Time, This Time, Next Time was originally planned as the finale of this year’s Festwochen, but now it has become a pivotal moment at the very heart of our August-September edition. It is an opportunity to pause within the programme, to reflect on the past months and look forward to what lies ahead. We look back on an intense period in the shadow of Covid-19. The worldwide pandemic, protests against social and racially motivated injustice and, not least, an ongoing ecological crisis challenge our perception of time as well as our individual position as inhabitants of this planet. Within our schedule of concurrent, but also interactive talks, workshops, performances, and music, we are also looking into the future. And in the midst of a global race into the unknown, we want to try and tease out familiar concepts relating to different time frames, such as progress, acceleration, deceleration or synchronicity. Above all, Last Time, This Time, Next Time should also be an invitation to enjoy a collective experience, now more than ever before. After these long months of ‘physical distancing’ and ‘lockdown’, we now want to gather again on this area of green at the New Danube to celebrate, dance, reflect, and discuss.

A discursive, musical, performative programme co-curated by Julia Grillmayr

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