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Born in 1996, Kay Sara grew up in Iauaretê in the Brazilian state of Amazonas, close to the Colombian border. Her father was a member of the indigenous Tariano tribe, while her mother belonged to the Tukano people. At age 7, she moved with her family to Manaus, where, the same year, she performed in a film for the first time. As a young activist and performer, she is commited to the adequate representation of indigenous people, their way of living and mythological fundamentals in Brazil’s culture, and to the preservation of their environment against the threat of mining companies and the agribusiness. Acting is a tradition in her family and serves as a key strategy of her political involvement. Since her grandparents participated in Hector Babenco’s feature film Brincando nos Campos do Senhor (At Play in the Fields of the Lord, 1991), her parents and other family members performed in many films dealing with the life of the indigenous population of the Amazonian rainforest. Kay Sara appeared in several feature films and TV series, including Un giorno devi andare (There Will Come a Day) by Giorgio Diritti (2013) or Antes o Tempo Não Acabava (Time Was Endless) by Sergio Andrade and Fábio Baldo (2016. In 2018, she left Manaus in search of new opportunities and experiences. She is currently living in São Paulo and also works with several theatre collectives. In 2018, she developed her first solo performance PÊ'TÍA'NÃWE-EXTERMÍNIO.

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Kay Sara

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