Katharina Ernst, Lukas König, Didi Kern
Location: USUS am Wasser
Duration: 45 min
12. Sep
Time: 3pm
© Michael Breyer
© Rania Moslam
© Sergey Kolosov

    It’s drum rolls aplenty for the performative prelude to Last Time, This Time, Next Time. At the river bank of the New Danube, three exceptional drummers – Katharina Ernst, Didi Kern and Lukas König – will each be performing their distinctive percussive solos, followed by an ensemble piece. Ernst, Kern and König have long been much sought-after versatile and virtuoso percussion professionals, not just on the local scene, but also internationally. Besides countless collaborations with greats of pop and jazz, these three musicians are also convincing artists in their own right, through their solo works. The concert at the waterfront USUS venue has come about as part of the three artists’ spontaneous get-together as they play together in this line-up for the first time.

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