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Maria Muhar, Sara Ostertag
...Insgesamt wirkte das alles abgegriffen, zahnlos, man möchte sagen: innovativ...
Location brut nordwest
Language German

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9. September
Time 9pm
© Apollonia Theresa Bitzan
© Apollonia Theresa Bitzan

    Who enjoyed it? Who found it emetic? The issue of taste is the final act of the festival, a separate course on the vast menu. How does the voice of critical reviews shape the way a festival is perceived – and art, experienced? Why are some productions more palatable than others? What ingredients are picked to pieces? Author Maria Muhar and director Sara Ostertag concoct a powerfully eloquent recipe of press comments, hand-picked from the Wiener Festwochen archive, as they digest the tastes of 70 years of festival reviews.

    ...Insgesamt wirkte das alles abgegriffen, zahnlos, man möchte sagen: innovativ... is one of four works commissioned on the 70-year history of the Wiener Festwochen, for which the festival opened up its archives for research purposes. Inspired by a piece of Festwochen history, local artists are to present one sketch for the stage each, on four consecutive evenings. Artistic explorations of history will be created using various resources such as music, language, stage design, and performance.

    The performance is part of MITTEN am Abend, a four-day series that combines lectures, performances and music into a highly diverse programme.

    • Biographies

      Viennese author Maria Muhar, a qualified chef, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and the Institute for Language Arts. She publishes prose, poetry, and short radio plays and is a member of the authors’ collective Wiener Grippe/KW77.

      Sara Ostertag is a director at national and municipal theatres, dramaturge, and founding member of the independent Viennese theatre collective makemake produktionen. She has been working as a dramaturge for Austrian choreographer Florentina Holzinger since 2017.

    • Artistic Team

      Concept, Idea Maria Muhar, Sara Ostertag With Maria Muhar Video gratis kaiserin, Max Kaufmann

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