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Melis Tezkan, Okan Urun / biriken
Location tba
Language Working language is English; the artists also speak Turkish and French
Price EUR 25 (Registration fee)
8. September
12. September
Time 11am - 5pm
© Beatriz Toledo
  • Participation

    The lab is aimed at professionals and amateurs with their own artistic practice. All artistic disciplines from literature to the performing arts, visual arts and film as well as social sciences and the humanities are welcome.

  • Registration

    By July 4 via email to mitten@festwochen.at (subject: Greetings from Vienna), with a few words about why you are interested in the lab topic and details of your own artistic practice and CV. This information will enable the artists to prepare the lab and, in the event of more applications, to select 12 participants.

    Applicants will be notified of their selection by July 18.

Turkish duo biriken operates with individual and collective recollections and imaginations of places and people. Their starting point is the feeling of ignorance that opens up a space for projection and prejudice. Together with a close-knit group of performers, theatre directors Melis Tezkan and Okan Urun will create their own performance space. Creative artistic minds are invited to contribute their personal and impersonal stories to the writing of a collective fiction that interlaces even more effectively the affective with the political.

Open Call

We want to work on our individual and collective imagination about places, people. Maybe the word exotic or reversed exotic could be used. Maybe not, maybe it’s too dangerous. Our departure point is our ignorance about this city, but despite our ignorance we have many projections. We arrive with these imaginations, some of them are clichés, and we use the practice of stage and production narratives to work with the participants to construct stories.

Five days to build together a performative space which discusses the concept of exoticism without necessarily mentioning this word? We expect participants to arrive with their personal, impersonal, or fictive objects, stories, and diverse practices (all artistic practices, social sciences are welcome). We’ll activate these shared objects by discussing them, by forging links between them, by modifying them, in order to create a collaborative performative space where a collectively written fiction will be used to weave affective and political bonds.

As you prepare your objects (material, immaterial, written, sung, danced ….), think about these questions:

What/ Who / Where

is damaged in Vienna? is fragile in Vienna ?
is delicious in Vienna ?
is hostile in Vienna?
is shareable in Vienna?
is disappointing in Vienna?
is expectable in Vienna?
is new in Vienna?
is memorable in Vienna?
is meetable in Vienna?
is scary in Vienna?
is forgettable in Vienna?

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