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Azade Shahmiri
Garden to garden
Language The working language is English; the artist also speaks Farsi
Price EUR 25 (Registration fee)

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8. September
12. September
Time 2pm - 5pm
© Leila Ahmadi Abadeh

    What do the gardens of Tehran and Vienna have in common? They are the places where culture and nature converge. And getting to know a culture through its nature is part of the lab project by Iranian theatre director Azade Shahmiri. To this end, she will invite residents of Vienna to see the city’s parks and gardens as places of exchange, dialogue, and togetherness, and to explore, with her, in particular the acoustic environment of these green enclosures. Together, the group will uncover secret spots, individual memories, and personal relationships with these Viennese havens.


    For her project Garden to Garden, Iranian artist Azade Shahmiri invites a group of people from all backgrounds to explore the green spaces of Vienna. Together with the artist they will visit parks, listen, watch and delve into their specific stories. Garden to Garden is a new encounter with these green enclosures in Vienna, where participants will share the personal experiences, stories, and memories they associate with them. Azade Shahmiri herself will present her own artistic research and sound recordings from the gardens of Teheran and Shiraz in southern Iran and use these soundscapes to compare the historical, cultural, and social significance of the garden in both countries. To join Garden to Garden, no previous knowledge is needed. Anyone interested in spending time in these gardens and willing to share their knowledge and experiences with others is welcome.

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