NonTrivial is easy – playing with abstract sounds / sound synthesis
Date: 18 June, 2pm to 5pm
For: children from 8 years on (accompanied by an adult), amateurs and experts

Getting things underway, the Wiener Festwochen invite you to have fun exploring abstract sound worlds at the HAI Trio workshop. Their digital musical instrument, the NonTrivial Musical Instrument (NTMI) allows you to generate extraordinary worlds of sound intuitively and playfully using spatial gestures. Children and amateur musicians alike have the opportunity to simply explore the possibilities of the NTMI, which is similar in spirit to the UPIC instrument developed by Xenakis in 1977. At the workshop, experts can try out their virtuoso playing skills with an interface specially designed for the NTMI, the nUFO, implementing their own sound ideas thanks to an open source architecture. At the end, the participants will get to showcase their discoveries at a concert to be continued by the HAI Trio.

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