Matija Ferlin
The disturbing dancing code. Manual for unlearning

“Why is my mother’s extended arm so much more beautiful than a dancer’s extended arm?” This experimental research lab is system-based and revolves around a potential manifesto (in the making) that directs the idea of dance towards the simple idea of movement. It is founded on the premise that it is possible to manipulate movement, but also on the idea that the body, as such, is devoid of any notion of prior dance knowledge; also, that the morphology of a body without (prior) knowledge can be translated into an active body shaped through dance – the body of a dancer. The idea is to deconstruct the dance movement by reducing it to its basics. Insisting not only on freeing the movement from the meaning, but also on freeing it from what might be recognised as the dance quality of a movement.

Aimed at Dancers from different backgrounds and with different styles who are interested not only in understanding how the code and vocabulary of dance have shaped their movement, but also in seizing a moment of unlearning and discovering new possibilities of physicality
Working language English

Lab times
Fri, 3 June, 3pm to 6pm
Sat, 4 June, 11am to 5pm (incl. lunch break)
Sun, 5 June, 11am to 5pm (incl. lunch break)
Mon, 6 June, 1pm to 4pm (incl. open Lab from 2pm)
On Monday afternoon, the Lab will open up to welcome a wider audience.

Participation fee
25 Euro

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