El Conde de Torrefiel
Cosmic Movements

The Spanish collective El Conde de Torrefiel is looking for 12 people to join them for three days of research into crowd scenes at the crossing of our present days to an unknown future. Participation is open to anyone aged 0 to 99. No specific knowledge of theatre or professional stage experience is necessary, but participants should be familiar with theatre, performance, or dance practice. Together, we will work on energy-packed, exaggerated, and crazy situations that become the script of a performance on Monday afternoon (e.g. one group will experience the sinking of the Titanic; another will scramble to get their hands on the latest iPhone model). The situations will all play out in keeping with theatrical conventions: these are performative actions that are meant to be fun.

Aimed at anyone familiar with theatre, performance or dance practice in general.
Working language English and Spanish

Lab times
Fri, 3 June, 2pm to 6pm
Sat, 4 June, 11am to 3pm (incl. lunch break)
Sun, 5 June, 11am to 3pm (incl. lunch break)
Mon, 6 June, 11am to 6 pm (incl. performance from 5 pm)
The Lab concludes with a 50-minute public performance on Monday afternoon.

Participation fee
25 Euro

To participate in the Lab from Friday to Monday, El Conde de Torrefiel asks that those interested in attending submit a smartphone video of max. 5 minutes in total, featuring a personal introduction and the following three situations:

  • Short personal presentation in English or Spanish
  • Situation 1: Sense an earthquake!
  • Situation 2: Move furniture around the room to create a new/different atmosphere!
  • Situation 3: Search with tremendous urgency for something you’ve lost in the room!

Please add your SURNAME_FIRST NAME to the video before uploading it.

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