Dalia Ahmed und Tonica Hunter
Welcher Pfad führt zur Geschichte. ÖMSUBM Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

One of the first websites we turn to when looking for information is far from flawless. Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia compiled by voluntary and volunteer authors, is not as egalitarian as it might seem. The imbalance in the representation of FLINTA* (women, lesbians, inter, non-binary, trans and agender persons) on the platform notwithstanding, there is a notable absence of certain articles on Black historical and contemporary public figures. This imbalance needs editing! Journalist, DJ and curator Dalia Ahmed and curator and DJ Tonica Hunter are now inviting you to the Edit-a-thon at the Austrian Museum for Black Entertainment and Black Music.
During this Lab session, the participants will compile a list of various Black protagonists from Austria’s (entertainment) history on Wikipedia and challenge any racist wording in existing articles. Together, the group will research the biographies of musicians, artists and writers and reclaim them for the online encyclopaedia as part of a large-scale public edit-a-thon event with the visitors!

Dalia Ahmed is a music journalist, DJ and curator at the Austrian Museum for Black Entertainment and Black Music.

Tonica Hunter is a curator and DJ from London, based in Vienna since 2014. Since moving to Vienna she has (co) founded and curated for various collectives (Sounds of Blackness, Series:Black) and projects in Austria which contribute to conversations and thinking on inclusion, intersectionality and access to the arts.

Open to all-comers!
Working language
German, English

Lab times
Fri, 3 June, 10am to 5pm
Sat, 4 June, 11am to 2pm + 6pm to 10pm (public event)
Sun, 5 June, 12am to 2pm
On Saturday evening, the Wikipedia Edit-a-thon will take place as a public event at the Austrian Museum for Black Entertainment and Black Music.

Application deadline May 8
Applicants to be notified on
May 16 and 17

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