Anna Rispoli
Common Wallet

Is it possible to counter the solitude of the artist’s precarity with kinship? The Common Wallet is an initiative by ten or so Brussels-based people who, since January 2018, have been living off a common bank account. While the stakeholders wire their entire individual incomes into the shared account, each uses as much of the money they want for their daily expenses, regardless of whether or not it corresponds to the income they contributed – and without reciprocal monitoring. By detaching money from individual ownership and enforcing a common economy, the participants in the Common Wallet question the taboos and injustices they face with the current financial system.
In this Lab, Festwochen artist and Common Wallet member Anna Rispoli introduces the basic principles of the Common Wallet and shares some of the personal transformations she experienced while being part of the project. How patterns of control can shift into deep trust, and how eating potatoes with friends can be nicer than eating mussels alone. Participants of the lab will be invited to share their thoughts on, and look into, their personal relationship with money. This process will evolve playfully into a board game exploring the pleasures and dilemmas of money as a common good: The ‘Commonopoly’ aims to design a model of solidarity – be it utopian or realistic – that might adapt to the participants’ own specific needs.

Open to all-comers!
The selected participants are kindly requested to come prepared with some information about their average monthly costs and earnings by checking their current cash-flow situation.
Working language English

Lab times
Fri, 3 June, 4pm to 6pm
Sat, 4 June, 11am to 4pm (incl. lunch break)
Sun, 5 June, 11am to 4pm (incl. lunch break)
Mon, 6 June, 1pm to 3pm (incl. public ‘Commonopoly’ from 2 pm)
On Monday afternoon, the Lab participants will invite a wider audience to play ‘Commonopoly’.

Participation fee
25 Euro

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