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Begüm Erciyas
Forest Gatherings
Language working language is English; the artist also speaks German
Price 25 Euro (Registration fee)

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Vergangene Termine
6. September
Time 6pm to 8.30pm
8. September
Time 2pm to 5pm
9. September
Time 6pm to 9pm
11. September
Time 5.30am to 8.30am
Weitere Termine
© Bea Borgers

    A clearing in the forest as a rendezvous point for a group of people and a shared listening experience are the two parameters that Begüm Erciyas chooses anew each day as the starting point for her four-day lab. Known for involving the audience as responsible participants in her performances, Begüm Erciyas will be sounding the forest as a performative environment for the first time, together with 12 keen participants. It is about choreographing acoustic instructions and experimenting with the notion of togetherness.


    The forest: a safe haven and an inexhaustible habitat. An immense, flowing microcosm with no obvious host or intrusive owner. A stoic memory store stretching back centuries, crucial to any thoughts about a potential future.

    Over four days, a group of participants will meet at different times of the day at a specific forest location in or around Vienna and spend two or three hours there, together. They will produce and listen to audio recordings to explore such questions as: What is special about a particular place at a particular time of day? What sounds do you hear on site? What reaches you through the headphones? And how do both affect the relationships with the others and your own actions?

    The lab is founded on the assumption that the moment and surroundings of the listening experience have a crucial influence on the experience itself. Some words or sounds should perhaps only be heard in a certain place or when facing in a certain direction. Others should perhaps only be heard when we ourselves are in motion. And while in some listening moments we should have the option of seeing someone else, for others still, the mere tangible presence of others is enough.

    On Day 1, as part of a larger group, Begüm Erciyas herself will test out a listening situation and make it available for all to experience. On the following days, the forest locations with their differences and similarities will provide the inspiration for creating the sound material and defining and organising the listening parameters.

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