Day 2

Insights into the visual cosmos of Mal – Embriaguez Divina

Overview digital gestures

The notion of evil (‘mal’in Portuguese) has long been personified by the Devil, also known as the Antichrist, Satan, Leviathan, Lucifer, but also symbolized by witches, wizards, women, animals, hybrids, mutants and so on. We find references to it in religious, moral, ethical, political and legal discourses as well as at the heart of literary and artistic output. In specific moments, the nature of evil has also developed into ideas of social injustice, violence, diseases, and such like. Georges Bataille locates evil and art in close proximity to each other. For her piece Mal– Embriaguez Divina, Marlene Monteiro Freitas draws her inspiration from this very proximity. The following video, conceived as a sort of mood board by the choreographer herself, gives insights into her extensive research, in which Hans Memling, Hieronymus Bosch and Francisco Goya are only the starting point.

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